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SoS Resources for Background Information

The following are some of the resources that attempt to provide background information about Systems of Systems (SoS) Engineering and Management.

  • General SoS Articles
  • Useful Web Resources
  • T-Area-SoS Publications
  • General SoS Articles

    A number of SoS articles have been published in the literature. This section provides references to just couple of them.
  • Architecting Principles for Systems-of-Systems, by Mark Maier.
  • A Case for an International Consortium on System-of-Systems Engineering by Dan De Laurentis, et al.
  • Useful Web Resources

    Lots of useful information about SoS engineering and management can be found on the web. Some of these are provided in this section.

  • System of Systems Enngineering Overview.
  • Nice Video About System of Systems.
  • INCOSE Z guides, Useful Set of Succinct Descriptions of Key Areas of SE.
  • SE Engineering Guide for Systems of Systems v1.0 (2008).
  • T-Area-SoS Publications

    The following are some of the publications from the T-Area-SoS project.

  • System of Systems: "Defining the System of Interest", by Andrew Kinder, Vishal Barot, Michael Henshaw and Carys Siemieniuch, pgs 463-468.
  • Design of a web-based thesaurus for Systems of Systems Engineering, by Vishal Barot, Huseyin Dogan, Michael Henshaw and Carys Siemieniuch, pgs 7-12.
  • Formalisation and mapping of terminologies for Systems of Systems Engineering thesaurus, by Huseyin Dogan, Vishal Barot, Michael Henshaw and Carys Siemieniuch, pgs 46-51.
  • Towards a Systems of Systems Engineering EU Strategic Research Agenda, by Sharon Henson, Michael Henshaw, Vishal Barot, Carys Siemieniuch, et al. pgs 99-104.
  • Social networks and crowdsourcing for stakeholder analysis in system of systems projects, by Soo Ling Lim, Cornelius Ncube and Huseyin Dogan, pgs 13-18.