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Overview of the T-Area-SoS Support Action

T-AREA-SoS (Trans-Atlantic Research and Education Agenda on Systems of Systems) aims to increase European competitiveness in, and improve the societal impact of, the development and management of large complex systems in a range of sectors through the creation of a commonly agreed EU-US Systems of Systems (SoS) research agenda.

T-AREA-SoS is a support action that has the following main objectives:

  • Create a strategic research agenda in SoS engineering.
  • Create research themes in SoS engineering that target priority sectors for societal need.
  • Identify the state of the art and an analysis of gaps in research in SoS.
  • Create an Expert Community drawn from industry, Government, NGOs, academia, and end users to transfer cross-sector knowledge about SoS.
  • Identify the skills required for both system developers and system users, and make recommendations on training and education for their development to support research initiatives.
  • Foster and promote a common language and expression of the concepts of SoS that will enable communication and cross-fertilisation of systems knowledge, tools, and techniques.

The long-term impacts of the project are expected to be:

  • Global leadership by Europe in SoS Engineering.
  • New business environments enabled through more agile delivery of systems to participate in SoS and enhanced performance of legacy systems within their SoS environment.
  • Reinforced European scientific excellence and technological leadership in the design and operation of large-scale complex systems.